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August 26, 2009 / Eelco Scheltinga

Perfect Example on Recruiting through Social Media

This must be one of the best examples I have come across in recruiting on how to fill a position. This shows that Forrester understands the effect of Social Media. They are recruiting through Jeremiah’s own blog with a guest post.
For those that don’t know Jeremiah Owyang, he is the one leaving the verry position they are recruiting for. Jeremiah is one of the people that people turn to with questions on Social Media and has travelled around the world for Forrester to teach people and corporates about this topic. You can refer to him as a guru on this subject matter and has met probably thousands of people that know this subject. He therefore is “the one” with the network to recruit for this position.

Recruiting at the heart of your market and using Jeremiah as brand ambassador for ‘his Job’ is brilliant. Perfect example that Forrester understands recruitment and social media use.

Just for the example I think it would be great to follow the rest of the process and apply for the job myself, but since I don’t qualify for the “non-negotiables” and I love what I am doing now, I will skip that part.

So why is this such a great example for the recruitment industry? Here are some thoughts:

  • The introduction by Jeremiah himself. You cannot be more convincing than this. He knows best what the job includes!
  • Recruiting on this blog puts them at the heart of their target market
  • They use the online Social Media network to spread the word. Connecting through facebook allows them to draw more friends in the network to the blogpost and so to the position.
  • Jeremiah continues to be a brand ambassador to Forrester, even after he’s gone
  • They use links to twitter & blog profiles to follow people and get their impressions to set the company and job culture
  • They introduce the team with pictures and profiles that the applicant will become part of
  • They define clear and non-negotionable must-haves for the job
  • Clear links to twitter and Linkedin profile of the “recruiter”
  • Clear links to Forrester community for more impressions
  • Options to share this post with multiple social media channels so the viral marketing of this post can do its work

It would be interesting to see how fast this job is filled, how qualified the person is and if he comes out of Jeremiah’s realm of influence.

Some more thoughts you can consider when posting jobs:

  • Make sure you follow up correctly when people start applying for the job on your website.
  • The webform and follow up responses are critical. Make sure it is branded and looks the part.
  • If possible skip the webform and either parse the CV automatically or have people apply for the job with their Linkedin profile or Facebook profile.

At PeopleXS we can make sure that the Facebook profile is read directly into your ATS with contact details, work experience, etc.

So for all recruiters out there. Keep this list in mind when you post your next job. I will do my part in making sure you are enabled to do this easier when using PeopleXS allthough a lot of this comes down to your own creativeness.

Let me know if you have more good ideas and I will include them in this listing
Good luck!
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(special thanks to @bvdhaterd’s tweet and reference to

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